Refund policy

We encourage you to proactively provide refunds in the following scenarios.

  • You cancelled a class meeting, missed a class meeting, or shortened a schedule, and you were unable to reschedule or transfer the learner
  • You changed schedule
  • A learner had a poor experience in class, and you were at least partially responsible

In some specific scenarios, Instil may process refunds without communicating with you prior to issuing the refund. Instil will make these refunds upon learner's request. 

The following are the specific cases where Instil will initiate refunds:

Your class didn’t occur as originally planned. Learners receive a prorated refund for any of the following situations:

  • You missed, cancelled, or attempted to reschedule a class time. In the event that the learner is unable to attend the rescheduled meeting, they can request a refund.
  • You fail to communicate with the learner(s).
  • If a class starts more than 5 minutes late or ends more than 5 minutes early, learners can request a 50% refund if less than half of the class was missed, and a full refund if more than half was missed.
  • If part of a flexible class is rescheduled and the learner is unable to attend the rescheduled meeting(s), learners can request a refund based on the number of meetings that were rescheduled.
  • If you do not teach the slated number of class meetings, learners can request a prorated refund.

For any other situation, learners are encouraged to directly contact us for a refund.

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