Revenue Share for Instructors

Instil is a free and open platform, there are no fees for creating a listing. One may create as many classes, courses, and digital products as they like. 

Instil believes in a sustainable and win-win deal for all of us. Our platform fees reflect that. 

  • Your own Channels - When you sell products via your own channel, we charge a 5% platform fee. 
  • Instil's Paid Channels - In those instances, where Instil brings sales from one of our paid channels (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Marketing), we charge a 50% platform fee to cover the marketing expenses. 
  • Organic Channels and Gallery Discovery - If users sign up via Instil's organic channel or discover your listings via our gallery and AI recommendation, we charge a platform fee of 30%.  

Please note that the above doesn't include the base transaction fees of (3.5% + NZD 30¢). 

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