Revenue Share for Instructors

Instil is a free and open platform, there are no fees for creating one. One may create as many classes, courses and digital products as they like. 

Instil believes in a sustainable and win-win deal for all of us, our learners, instructors and the platform. Our platform fees reflect that. 

  • BYO (Bring your own) Learners - When an instructor brings their own users, we charge a 5% platform fee. 
  • Instil's Paid Channels - In those instances, where Instil brings users from one of our paid channels, we share 50% of the revenue with the instructor via 50% platform fees.
  • Organic Channels and Gallery Discovery - If users sign up via Instil's organic channel or discover your classes via our gallery and AI recommendation, we share 70% of the revenue via 30% platform fees.  

Since we have just launched, we're only allowing BYO learners while we build other campaigns and scale up our gallery and recommendation engine. 

Please note that the above doesn't include the base transaction fees of (3.5% + NZD 30¢). 

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