About Instil

What is Instil

Instil brings together everything that teachers need to start teaching live online and stay connected with their students more easily.

Making the transition to real-time teaching online can be complicated. From setting up your own website to scheduling classes (sometimes across time zones), transitioning offline classes to an online environment, connecting to a video conferencing tool, getting paid securely… Instil aims to simplify all these steps so teachers can focus on teaching.

Key product features

  • Get your own online public profile (instil.live/your-name) so you can promote your classes and share posts
  • Create live classes, set schedules that best suit you (one-time, recurring), and connect to your preferred video conferencing tool
  • Set visibility of your posts (public, followers-only, class-specific) and build a community around your classes
  • Reply, like, and comment on posts
  • Rate and review classes
  • Connect to Stripe and get paid for your class enrolments

Instil's mission

To help educators all over the world instil knowledge, ideas, and skills online.

We believe education is at the heart of society. As more human interactions move online, we want to create a space that enables flexible and engaging learning experiences— whether someone is delivering country-specific curriculum subjects, running expert masterclasses, or just want to share their hobbies.

Our ambition is to promote a lifelong love of learning and democratise learning for everyone.

Follow our journey

You can follow our progress on our product roadmap.

We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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